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Shri Ayush was established in 1998 to uplift Panchakarma in the lap of Himalaya in Uttarkashi as a continuation of the uniform legacy of our traditional Ayurveda knowledge of Nautiyals blended with modern science and technology, under the effective management of Smt. Vimla Nautiyal (Managing Director) has achieved great success.Due to demand for easy access the Shri Ayush is now running its branch in Dehradun. A group of skilled Physician headed by Hony. Chief advisor Dr. J.N. Nautiyal renowned Panchkarma Physician has got more than 15 year experience.
Shri Ayush offers you treatment & counseling Treatment by purely scientific authentic & systemic method through Panchkarma.

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Shri ayush panchkarma centre

At “SHri AYUSH “ Ayurvedic panchkaram and yoga center each person receive a unique combination of panchkarma process according to their health needs. Our panchkarma is tailor-made using ptent specific herbs and herbal oil to cleanse your body.all these treatment are transforming so much so that you emerge from panchkarma as a new person.

Here at our center you can experience complete and guaranteed rejuvenation from the inside our ,so that when you leave your body,mind and emotions are renewed .coming for panchkarma at shri ayush centre is a health retreat of the highest order .it is a once in a lifetime experience .